Chrisp Street Innovative Recycling

Market stalls from recycled materials

Location - Chrisp Street Market, Poplar
Year - 2019

Using design elements from the 1:2 material and structural testing above, this exploded diagram aims to establish a new brick design that can be combined with the custom roof cladding.

The aim of this project is to come up with a transformable and easily assemble cells that can be used by market stalls. The overall cell size is 5mx2.5m which caters to the allocated market stall boundary on site.

The cell can be transformed to 3 different orientations dependent on the user requirement.

This brick design stacks and fits to other bricks from all its edges. The idea is to create the pockets where they can slot in and clip to avoid using adhesives or any external connection through the bricks.

A material option would be injection moulding using recycled plastic combined repurposed wood.

The cells become the new structures used for the market stalls taking space below the existing market canopy in Chrisp Street Market. The cells will use up no more than the original allocated spaces per stall. With their transformable features, it allows for more flexibility for the user.

The row of stalls on the right are allocated for an on-site waste collection and recycling workshops that can open up to the market.

Those workshops will be used to produce and manufacture the recycled bricks that are then used for the rest of the market stalls as well as other recyclable products. The positioning of the cells when the workshops are open and in use provide a distinctive visual connection between the original material sourcing and the outcome, at the same time providing some spaces for public workshops.

This is a section drawing cut through the workshops in the market showing the steps and process of recycling waste into new products. 

Diana Al-laham 
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